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5 Things You Can Stop Worrying about after LASIK

Posted on March 21, 2022 by - LASIK

One of the primary reasons that people decide to have LASIK is the convenience. Although prescription lenses are a great way to improve vision, wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses can involve some minor hassles. Here, Schwartz Laser Eye Center shares some of the common troubles that you will no longer experience after refractive surgery.

Forgetting Your Glasses

If you only wear eyeglasses in certain situations that require enhanced distance vision, like driving or attending a concert, it is much easier to accidentally leave the house without them. After having LASIK, you do not have to worry about forgetting to grab your glasses when you leave the house — your eyes can see well on their own!

Fogged Up Glasses

You probably notice that your glasses become foggy when you enter a warm building after being in colder temperatures outdoors. This is the effect of heat on the water vapor (from breathing or sweating) that collects on the lenses.

This phenomenon has become more common during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you wear a mask and glasses at the same time, you have probably already experienced this for yourself. By removing glasses from the equation, the problem goes away.

Exercising with Glasses

Even if you do not normally mind wearing glasses, you have to admit they can be an obstacle while trying to exercise. They often bounce around when you go for a jog. Moreover, wearing them while playing basketball or a contact sport is a recipe for broken frames. After having LASIK, you can exercise and play sports with your friends without these worries.

Replacing Your Lenses

Regardless of your preferred eyewear, periodic replacement is a necessary chore. Disposable contact lenses need to be replaced on a regular basis, and even eyeglass frames should be replaced every couple of years. When you no longer rely on eyewear daily, this is no longer a concern. While you are still encouraged to undergo regular eye examinations to verify that your eyes remain healthy and your prescription is stable, the out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower.

Your Contact Lenses Falling Out

Although your contact lenses are designed to stay in your eyes, from time to time a lens falls out. It can be a hassle to find it and get it back in your eye, and it’s even worse if you do not have a way to clean it or replace it. Once your vision is strong enough that you no longer need to rely on contacts, this becomes a problem you never have to worry about again.

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