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Dry Eye Treatment Options

Posted on June 20, 2022 by - Dry Eye

When a person does not produce adequate tears to lubricate the eyes, this condition is known as dry eye. Patients with dry eye notice an itchy or burning sensation in their eyes. They may also experience blurry vision, poor night vision and sensitivity to light.

Over the years, the accomplished eye doctors at Schwartz Laser Center have helped many dry eye patients to overcome their condition. To better assist people who endure chronic dry eye, they have provided a list of treatment options that can help ease the discomfort they experience.

Artificial Tears

The first treatment recommended to most dry eye patients is artificial tears. Available over the counter, non-preserved teardrops are applied about once per hour to relieve symptoms of irritation. While these drops do not address the root cause of dry eye, they may be sufficient for keeping your eyes comfortable.

Prescription Eye Drops

In more serious cases, your eye doctor may recommend a medicated eye drop for better results. Prescription eye drops typically feature corticosteroids, which can alleviate corneal inflammation. Although these drops do not improve symptoms for all patients, many of our patients have seen success with drops like Xiidra, Restasis, and Cequa.

Punctal Plugs

Another option is punctal plugs, tiny instruments that are inserted into the tear ducts to block tears from draining. By keeping the tears on the eyes, the eyes should stay lubricated and not develop symptoms of irritation.

The procedure to insert these plugs is non-invasive and only takes a few minutes. Other than some momentary discomfort, patients do not experience pain when the punctal plugs are placed in the tear duct opening at the corner of the eye. Patients are free to resume normal activities once the outpatient procedure is complete and should be unable to notice the presence of this foreign object in their eyes.

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The doctors at Schwartz Laser Eye Center are committed to finding a way to relieve the itchy, burning eyes you experience on a regular basis. After examining your eyes, our experts will find the appropriate course of treatment to offer you relief. For an appointment, please call (480) 483-3937.

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