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5th Generation iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser


lasik-buttonExclusivley at Schwartz Laser Eye Center the ultimate in advanced LASIK technology— iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser. With the use of the newest iFS the flap created for LASIK surgery is completed without the traditional use of a blade. Moreover, the 5th generation iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser is capable of creating a corneal flap in less than 10 seconds. The newest iFS also creates a unique inverted bevel-inside cut angle to provide a safer and stronger flap. While the standard method of flap creation has been reliable and quite safe, the use of the newest iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser gives Dr. Schwartz the ability to make a thinner, finer flap that leaves more corneal tissue for the correction of higher-degree refractive errors.

This newest iFS™ Femtosecond laser may enable patients that were deemed not great candidates to participate in this amazing surgery. Experienced surgeons agree that this technique delivers less distortion and better vision postoperatively and now with the newest iFS a safer more reliable procedure can be achieved. Contact us today for more information about the IntraLase® bladeless LASIK procedure.

IntraLase® iFS Raster Pattern


IntraLase® iFS Bladeless LASIK Procedure

Step 1


A micro-thin flap that looks much like a contact lens is created from the outer layer of the cornea using IntraLase® iFS, a safe, accurate, and predictable computer-controlled laser beam. This step takes approximately 30 seconds to complete.

Step 2


The flap is then folded back, and an excimer laser is used to reshape the inner cornea gently and precisely. This step takes about one minute to complete.

Step 3


After treatment with the excimer laser, the corneal flap is placed back into its original position and eye drops are applied to the eye. The corneal flap will naturally seal itself within minutes, although it is important to refrain from rubbing your eyes at this time.

Learn More About IntraLase® iFS Bladeless LASIK

Contact Schwartz Laser Eye Center to find out how IntraLase® iFS bladeless LASIK can make a difference in your life or to schedule an initial consultation with one of our LASIK surgeons.


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